Top 7 Indian Grocery Brands In the UK

Grocery is the basic necessity of people. You probably can’t spend a day without buying the grocery. This has led to growth in grocery marketing and thereby the introduction of online store everywhere, and Indian grocery online in the UK is no exception.

Today, people are busy. They don’t have the time to stand in the long queues of the billing counter. The internet has made grocery shopping more convenient and faster. In the online stores, you will find hundreds of products such as spices, cereals, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, etc.

Customers want the best grocery brands available. No one wants to buy a brand that doesn’t assure a better step towards good health. Here are a few top-selling Indian grocery brands in the UK.


This brand offers top-quality Indian lentils and dry fruits at reasonable prices. NATCO offers various types of lentils and other Indian food items and is famous in different sections of grocery items.

  • MDH

MDH company is best known for spices. If you are looking for products that are both reasonably priced as well as trusted, you can choose the MDH products.

  • Dabur

Dabur is a brand that almost every Indian person living in the UK has heard. Dabur has seen a lot of success since it entered the grocery market. The costs of Dabur products have always been reasonable. Dabur offers a variety of items ranging from toothpaste, oil to food items.

  • Haldiram’s

This brand offer quality and unique food items. Haldiram’s offers both sweet and spicy food items such as Moong Dal Burfi, Murukku Crunchy Rice Flour Sticks, Panjeeri Ladoo, and much more. Because the recipe is unique to the brand, Haldiram’s has become a top-selling Indian grocery brand in the UK.

  • Britannia

Britannia is one of the oldest brands that offer top-quality and unique food items in India. Britannia biscuits will remain eternal, no matter how many companies come and go. The taste of Britannia’s Good Day cookies is unique to the brand.


FUDCO is one of the trusted companies in the UK. Thanks to the positive reviews by the customers, FUDCO has become one of the top-selling brands in the UK. The reason behind it is that FUDCO offers only standard marked items.

  • Kohinoor

Although Kohinoor is known for its Basmati rice, it also offers a wide range of products in sauces and condiments, rice and spices, and other food categories. Kohinoor provides quality products which makes them a top grocery brand.

If you want the best Indian grocery products, you can always browse Indian grocery online. You will find all kinds of premium quality food products, spices, ready-to-eat meals, instant mixes, fasting food, and many more grocery items.